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Our Coffee and Beverage Menus

  After years of searching , scouting and partnering with the world's ELITE suppliers of Coffees and Higher end beverages. RooJack Studios™ finally gathered these elite purveyors of caffeination and made one hum dinger of a menu for its patrons.  Each menu being based around the region Rooster Coffee Co. is housed. Utilizing the standards Rooster Coffee Co. has set forth in its café structure.

  With the current "hurry up and wait" patterns with delayed shipping and/or commodities as a whole. Our Coffee and Beverage Menus have been designed to be easier for these patrons to enjoy their favorite Coffee, Frappe, Smoothies, Soda etc. in a timely manner. Rather than having to state what size (in a made up language), type of dairy or non dairy base etc. 

RooJack Studios™ has designed these menus under the "K.I.S.S. Factor" 

"Keep It Simple Stupid"

Rooster Coffee Co. offers the following categories in its beverage menu.

  • House Blends - Our Arabica, Chicory and Pea Berry (UAE Style).

  • Specialty Coffees - Mochas (Hot and Cold), Lattes, Macchiatos, Espressos etc.

  • Flavored Roasts (Seasonal) - 3 Flavored Roasts on a 3 season rotation.

  • Teas - Organic and Matcha (Hot). Dragonwell being the in House Tea in 3 varieties.

  • Frappes - Mocha, Matcha and Espresso styles.

  • SmoothiesNeapolitan theme (Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry) and Seasonal Flavors.

  • Waters - Mineral and Electrolyte induced both regular and flavored.

  • Juices - Locally distributed based on the popular and traditional fruits in that region.

  • Charcoal Mocha - Hot and Cold and a very rare menu item.

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